About Us


Sundeala has been an established company since 1898 giving us the greatest chance to grow and advance within the ecological manufacturing sector. Our company originally started out in the Millboard Works and became the world’s first company to manufacture sheet materials. Above you can see the incredible images of our Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex base from 1898 that shows an image of the first wood fibre board in the world that had been manufactured by Sundeala. You can also view our Millboard Works factory that was taken from the railway in 1910. The name of the Company was the Patent Impermeable Millboard Company Limited and was altered to Sundeala later on. We now have an eco-friendly factory in Cam, Gloucestershire. Our history is important to us and we aim to be the best we can be for our customers in a forever developing world. Due to our 118 wonderful years in service it demonstrates that high quality boards and great customer service is to thank for our success.

Our environmentally sustainable Sundeala boards are made from 100% recycled waste and are the only boards in the country that currently manufacture the boards in this way. You can view our manufacturing process in this informative video below. To keep our Sundeala Eco boards completely eco-friendly we use the water from the river Cam in our production process. This process is ecologically efficient and creates zero waste to ensure we never impact negative on the environment. The water is returned to the river Cam after being fully cleaned and restored to its original pH balance. We protect a certain part of the river we use to ensure ecological safety.

We create 200,000 sheets of high quality recycled board per year with an improved finish and a soft, durable surface. We receive many of our raw materials from the local community as they recycle newspaper sheets and paper waste to our company. Sundeala is based around ecological nurturing and efficiency. Our long term and loyal staff are here to make sure each and every board is completely suitable for our customer’s needs. You can find out more about Sundeala through our enlightening video, click on the link below to view further information on our history, process, and aims and ambitions. 

Sundeala Corporate Video from Sundeala UK on Vimeo.