Sundeala Eco Board


Product Information

Our Sundeala Eco Boards have a pre-sanded pinnable surface that provide you with a soft yet highly durable noticeboard. Made from 100% recycled produce, this board is constructed from compressed recycled newspaper to create an eco-friendly long lasting noticeboard. Commonly used in classrooms, offices, and for domestic purposes, Sundeala noticeboards are a useful and higly functioning resource for many occasions. The surface of our original Sundeala Eco Board has a soft grey finish and is made from an exceptionally pin retentive material. Sundeala Eco Board is a non flame-retardant board. Standard board is light grey in colour and is available in either 6mm or 9mm, however six shades are available as Colourboard options in red, green, blue, lilac, wheat and charcoal in 9mm thickness.
Alternatively, Sundeala Flame Retardant Eco Board is integrally treated to offer a flame retardant Class B classification which coincides with the new European Harmonised Standards. Sundeala Flame Retardant Board is also available as flame retardant Colourboard in the following: red, green, blue, lilac, wheat and charcoal.

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The Sundeala Eco Boards are available in a variety of standard sizes starting from 0.9 x 0.6m and spanning to 1.2 x 1.8m. These products are also available in bespoke sizes to offer you further options to fill any tricky speculations and shapes.

Colour Variety

Our Sundeala Eco Board is available in a natural grey shade. We also have the Sundeala Eco Board in a varirety of different shades to suit your every need, please refer to our Sundeala Colourboard page for further information on this product.