Sundeala Flame Retardent Eco and Colour Board


Product Information

Sundeala supply a variety of products that have a fire retardency suitable for schools and work places. European school specifications require their noticeboards within their corridors and escape routes to be fire retardent as part of their health and safety regulations. Our Sundeala FRB boards have been tests under the European Harmonised Standards BS EN 13823: 2002 and BS EN 11925-2 as well as fully meeting the criteria of Class B. Futhermore, these FRB products can be used in locations that have previously requried the British Standard and Building Regulation classifications of Class 1 and Class 'O'.

The fire retardency in our boards means they aren't as easily consumed by flames thus not reacting as a kindle to further the spread of fire. 

Our FRB products are available in a variety of noticeboard options. The Sundeala Eco board and the Sundeala Colourboard are available as a fire retardant alternative that are safe to use in fire exits and corridors. We supply a range of different colours in our fire retardent boards to create a decoartive yet safe environment for offices and school rooms. The colours available from the Sundeala Eco range are: Natural Grey, Red, Green, Blue, Lilac, Wheat, and Charcoal. 

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See images below for a photographic demonstration of our fire retardent products: